Greeting from me. website. DIY: Do IT Yourself for Audio equipment. The DIY pre amplifier, DIY power amplifier and others have been very popular in the DIY communities. This is for people who want to learn the circuit and the choose of electronic devices for you DIY stuff and your hobby audio. All of DIY projects here are my own designs. I try to choose and design DIY pre amplifiers and power amplifiers in order to the best sound quality outcome. As well as Hifi audio equipment and accessory reviews are part of my site. In addition, I also present my trip stories and share the taken pictures from the nice tourist attractions in Thailand and abroad.
I used this site to tell my stories through blog post. You can express your opinion/comment without having registration on my website, simply take your Facebook account to share with us and you friends instantly.

Marantz CD5003 review

22 Dec. 2011, by Thanaporn.

Marantz CD5003 is an entry level CD player which very cost effective. I have been owned it for a long time but just take it out from the box and seriously Hifi listening for about 7 months. The successor of CD5001 Marantz CD5003 was also made for the starting level. The chassis design is not like the earlier one such a popular Marantz CD63SE. The machine is taller display screen looks difference. The machine comes with a beautiful and quite long remote control.

Audio-GD NFB1-WM

04 Dec. 2011, by Thanaporn.

I'm finding out about the variety of brands doing DAC. I want to have the first one to improve sound quality of my current Marantz CD 5003. But I do not have a chance to listen many of the DACs. The DAC I've listen such Moon100D Moon 300D and M2Tech Young DAC. M2Tech Young DAC sound is quite good especially the bass. Young DAC doing well when compared to a bit higher price DAC like Moon300D. But I do not like the design of the machine. It is really not reasonable price/built quality. So now I'm interested the DAC from China. I eventually just received Audio-GD NFB1WM DAC yesterday.

Cascode circuit

21 Nov. 2011, by Thanaporn.

Cascode circuit has been used for long time ago.Problems arising from the non-linear amplify electronic devices that occurs when the across voltage changes.There are 3 kinds here such as the across voltage between Collector and Emitter of the transister or Vce the across voltage between Drain and Source of the FET / Mosfet or Vds The across voltage between Anode and Cathod of the vacuum tube.

PT03 DIY hifi pre amplifier

09 Aug. 2011, by Thanaporn.

PT03 is a Preamplifier that was designed to be successor of PT01 vacuum tube preamplifier. I intend to design it with mounted most electronic devices on the PCB except the transformer. So electronic components potentiometer and RCA jacks will be installed on the same PCB. PT03 is a transistor-based preamplifier.The amplifier schematic can be divided into 3 stages.

WBT 0210 Cu Ms Nextgen

08 Aug. 2011, by Thanaporn.

I received the shipment from the ebay seller. It is 2 sets of WBT 0210 Cu Ms Nextgen chassis RCA connector. I ordered them to be used for connection of unbalanced connection 1 for cd player into the pre amplifier.

Return to play audio equipments.

15 Jul. 2011, by Thanaporn.

For a long time ago that I did not designed and built the audio equipment. Today I got interested in audio circles again. I just to share what I have now are?

About me(Thanaporn Osoongnern)

17 Jun. 2011, by Thanaporn.

Hello everyone. I'm Thanaporn Osoongnern(Mr).I am pleased that you came to visit us website about me.I was born in Thailand."

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