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I like to do stuffs by myself. Many things that I have done are most related to electrical and electronics. It was often called DIY or Do It Yourself.
Do you like DIY. Sometimes it is a matter of pride. That would make you happy to use you own DIY.I wrote a blog related to DIY audio and DIY electronics as the main subject.
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Trial no.01 voltage feedback amplifier for TH500i

10 Feb. 2012, by Thanaporn.

Because of that I'm building and design my new power amplifier project called TH500-i. It is actually be an integrated amplifier but I would initially design and build the amplifier part first. It is a 250w per channel power amplifier. Design approach is to bring together the advantages of a voltage-feedback circuitry and no global-feedback circuitry together. Therefore the feedback will be made only in the Voltage Amplifier Stage(VAS). The driver stage and output stage there is no feedback loop whatsoever. In order to reduce the interference and unwanted distortion cause by feedback voltage from the loud speakers.

TH-200SE DIY 100W power amplifier.

07 Feb. 2012, by Thanaporn.

This 100Wrms power amplifier was designed and construction since 1999. It was the first power amplifier I designed my own. It is the second power amplifier I built. The first one is power amplifier by kit which when I was a student. During that time the concept was to designed and constructed by pickup up my stock electronic parts as much as possible such as a transistor resistor capacitor and others. TH200-SE power amplifier design. The designed is like the most popular amplifier schematics. Differential amplifier circuit is used in the first stage. And of course for me a cascode circuit is used for this differential stage in order to increase linearity of the audio signal.

PT06 current feedback DIY preamplifier.

05 Feb. 2012, by Thanaporn.

PT06 is a preamplifier that was created in the same period of PT05 construction. I want to build this preamplifier to be a part of my main audio system. In fact an opamp based preamplifier is not my planned to build before. But after finding and Googled the LME49713H is a high fidelity opamp for high performance preamplifier. LME49713H are designed and manufactured by National Semiconductor (currently owned by Texas Instuments).It is an ordinary circuitry designed. Voltage gain of the PT06 preamplifier was set to about 12 times. The power supply unit of the preamplifier is a separate and independent of each other in order to reduce the cross-talk interference between channels.The dual 15VA Toroidal transfermers are used. Because of power supply is very important to sound quality. So same as PT05 the 2.1 voltage regulation power supply is used with the PT06.

AudioQuest King Cobra review.

19 Jan. 2012, by Thanaporn.

AudioQuest King Cobra is the analog. interconnects that is set to one step higher level than the AudioQuest Diamonback but lower than the AudioQuest Columbia. Dielectric-Bias. System (DBS) has not been applied to the King Cobra. Columbia and the higher level cables are DBS. Advantages in terms of conductor selection King Cobra is a pure copper conductor AudioQuest called PSC + (Perfect-Surface Copper +). The signal conductors are 3x21AWG solid PSC+ copper and the shielding conductor(drain wire) is Silver-Plated Long Gain Copper (SP LGC). The main Insulator made from PVC. and the outer cover is the black-red nylon braid. The 3 main cores have its own special insulator called PE Air Tube. AudioQuest is believed that the air is the best insulator so the air inside each PE Air Tube. Conductors and the plug is connected by a process called cold-welding. Listening tests AudioQuest King Cobra.

PT05 DIY Preamplifier.

17 Jan. 2012, by Thanaporn.

PT05 is the upgraded version of PT03 preamplifier. The design is very similar. Designed to be used the independent power-supply circuit for left and right. Cascode circuit for the differential amplifier stage in order to reduce distortion and increase the linearity. Cancel the DC servo circuit. I have found that without DC servo brings the better sound quality and more natural. 2.1 stages voltage regulation power supply. The overall design. It is also 2-stage amplifier. The differential amplifier stage is a fully complementary transistor-based circuit and of course it runs in class A. The next stage is working with the first stage as well it is a fully-complementary. The cascode circuit is also in this place to improve linearity of the amplifiers. Cascode circuit requires a constant reference voltage biasing to make a cascode transistor on. We chose to use a transistor array as a voltage reference. Because it requires less current compared to the use of zener diode diode and LED and of course it has lower noise. The overall voltage gain is set to 12 times.The use of electronic devices.

JPS SuperconductorQ interconnects cable review.

15 Jan. 2012, by Thanaporn.

I have been using the JPS superconductorQ for some couple of months. It is 1meter long RCA version interconnects or unbalanced interconects. Alumiloy the name of the conductor is used to produce a SuperConductorQ analog interconnects and speaker cable. Alumiloy is a very high purity material consists of ultra-pure metals and other elements. Looking at the outside. It is a purplish blue outer insulator wire with the high quality RCA jacks with able to tighten up. I used SuperconductorQ to connect the cd player and preamplifier but mostly used to connect between the DAC and preamplifier. Listen SuperconductorQ

Audio-GD NFB-1WM review

12 Jan. 2012, by Thanaporn.

Audio-gd NFB-1WM is an audio digital to analog converter(DAC) from Chinese manufacturer. NFB-1WM is dual WM8741 chips based DAC. Looking from outside it is black thick aluminum chassis with weight more than the most same size DACs. Come with a purple power LED and the sources selector knob is aluminum in white.The selection of high-grade electronic devices is the strength of this brand. 2 pieces of independent R-Core transformers for left and right circuits. DALE resistor Nover Capacitor and gain matched transistors to be in place. To get the most natural sound NFB-1 is used of no feedback discrete amplifiers. After a reasonable time period I run it to make sure that I have done enough burn-in. It would take about 100 hours I have turn it on.

JPS In-Wall cable review

24 Dec. 2011, by Thanaporn.

JPS Labs is well known among the players. JPS Labs have products that provide value for money. Interconnects cable Speaker cable Power cord cable and Digital cable are their main product lines. I am looking for a new power cord cable for use with my DAC and preamplifier. After visit a shop and look to that Cardas In-Wall cable it was a solid and hardly to bending so not this one I want actually. I'm looking for another brand and then finally yesterday I had it. I bought 6-foot length JPS In-Wall cable from my favorite shop. It is the standard length for the AC power cord cable. I was fitted it with a Wattgate 5266i and Wattgate 320i which is a economy Wattgate product family.

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