DIY Audio Articles.

I would like to publish DIY audio articles related to sound/audio equipment design. Design and create DIY audio equipment is fun but sometimes you might got a problem that difficult to solve during construction.
Me too, So the experiences I got could be share here to all of you. All articles including DIY audio design and DIY audio creation.Hope will be useful more or less.

Cascode circuit

21 Nov. 2011, by Thanaporn.

Cascode circuit has been used for long time ago.Problems arising from the non-linear amplify electronic devices that occurs when the across voltage changes.There are 3 kinds here such as the across voltage between Collector and Emitter of the transister or Vce the across voltage between Drain and Source of the FET / Mosfet or Vds The across voltage between Anode and Cathod of the vacuum tube.