Audio-GD NFB1-WM

04 Dec. 2011 by Thanaporn, 59 views.

I'm finding out about the variety of brands doing DAC. I want to have the first one to improve sound quality of my current Marantz CD 5003. But I do not have a chance to listen many of the DACs. The DAC I've listen such Moon100D, Moon 300D and M2Tech Young DAC. M2Tech Young DAC sound is quite good, especially the bass. Young DAC doing well when compared to a bit higher price DAC like Moon300D. But I do not like the design of the machine. It is really not reasonable price/built quality. So now I'm interested the DAC from China. I eventually just received Audio-GD NFB1WM DAC yesterday.

Audio-gd NFB1-WM

This DAC is my interseting one I'm looking for. The design characteristic like some hiend audio brands. NFB1-WM is designed and manufactured in China. The designer called Kingwa who worked as a design engineer for some leading audio brands, such as Krell. It is designed carefully. Pay attention to the power supply quality and selection of high-grade electronics.The Vishy Dal register, R core transformer, Nover, Solen capacitors and more.

NFB-1WM using dual WM8741 chips from Wolfson Microelectronic, so it was used 1 per channel. It is advanced ultra high performance Multi-bit Sigma-Delta architecture.

Audio GD NFB1-WM

The key features such: - Sampling frequency: 32kHz to 192kHz - Input data word length support: 16 to 32-bit - Supports all standard audio interface formats - Selectable advanced digital filter responses.NFB1-WM can be used with 24Bit / 96KHz USB input and 24Bit / 192KHz Coaxial / Opitcal. Discrete transistor power supply with double stages voltage regulation for analog amplifier. Discrete devices for analog output amplifier circuit without using Opamp.
Inputs and Outputs:
3 selectable digital inputs. Coaxial, Optical and USB. 3 type of outputs.Unbalanced, balanced and ACCS (for Audio-GD device only). I currently do not have time to test now. I will review it later.