Audio-GD NFB-1WM review

12 Jan. 2012 by Thanaporn, 687 views.

Audio-GD NFB-1WM

Audio-gd NFB-1WM is an audio digital to analog converter(DAC) from Chinese manufacturer. NFB-1WM is dual WM8741 chips based DAC. Looking from outside it is black thick aluminum chassis with weight more than the most same size DACs. Come with a purple power LED and the sources selector knob is aluminum in white.The selection of high-grade electronic devices is the strength of this brand. 2 pieces of independent R-Core transformers for left and right circuits. DALE resistor, Nover Capacitor and gain matched transistors to be in place.

To get the most natural sound, NFB-1 is used of no feedback discrete amplifiers.
After a reasonable time period I run it to make sure that I have done enough burn-in.
It would take about 100 hours, I have turn it on. What has changed in term of sound compared to the early hours of listening.
The harsh sound tones removed, smoother more subtle more relaxed. Details of the sound better. The voice is NFB-1WM looks more natural overall sound.
The vocals are brilliant but not too bright. The balance of the sound is great. Voice of the singer is clearly separated from the background.
The sound of the instrument can be clearly discerned as well as identifying the location of the instrument very well done.
It gives a background quietness very well. Good continuation of music. It's smooth as silk.

Hi resolution music listening test.
By using Foobar music player software with USB connection between my Laptop and Audio-gd NFB1-WM DAC, Windows XP and Windows 7 can know Audio-gd DAC in a few seconds.
I tested with CD quality audio 16bits 44.1 khz audio files. In the early days the sound is different when compare with using a coaxial cable.
That may be because of my short usage of Furutech GT2 usb cable I just owned. During this time I'm writing this review.
I believe the usb cable has been used until it makes it sound much better. I have heard much better detail. It is very clear when playing with higher resolution files such 24bit 96khz which is the maximum resolution USB connection can support.
For those who running Windows 7, do not forget to set up a sampling rate capability of the DAC as well.

It is an audio digital to analog converter which provides significantly value for money.
I want to say that it is an excellent gear with provides usb, optical and coaxial connections.
The important thing is the fully balanced amplifier, so we can play with unbalanced and balanced amplifier.
Sound quality is exceeds its price.The sound quality is more than several higher price gear.