Return to play audio equipments. my DIY being started.

15 Jul. 2011 by Thanaporn, 329 views.

For a long time ago that I did not designed and built the audio equipment.
Today I got interested in audio circles again. I just to share what I have now are:
- An entry-level CD player, Marantz CD-5003.
- Bookshelf Speaker Celestion 5 MK II.
- DIY Pre Amplifier PT01.
- DIY Power Amplifier TH-200se.
In the past, I did not to much serious with playing and listening in audio.
Now this is a good time for me to enjoy music and excited to be designing and building audio equipments again.
What I have to do?
I would like to improve the pre amp because PT01 was used for a long time and do not use high-grade electronic devices.
I am also looking for another set of new speakers. To improve sound quality.

Now it seems that there are many things to do. But I am not in a hurry to get results immediately.
I want to do it a little step by step to recognize the changes that occur in term of sound quality.
It's more fun to be had by throwing money at once. I'm playing it. :)