JPS In-Wall cable review

24 Dec. 2011 by Thanaporn, 346 views.

JPS In-Wall cable review.

JPS In-Wal cablel
JPS Labs is well known among the players. JPS Labs have products that provide value for money. Interconnects cable, Speaker cable, Power cord cable and Digital cable are their main product lines. I am looking for a new power cord cable for use with my DAC and preamplifier. After visit a shop and look to that Cardas In-Wall cable, it was a solid and hardly to bending, so not this one I want actually. I'm looking for another brand, and then finally yesterday I had it. I bought 6-foot length JPS In-Wall cable from my favorite shop. It is the standard length for the AC power cord cable. I was fitted with a Wattgate 5266i and Wattgate 320i, which are economy Wattgate product family. Now I think installing wattgate with a cable is harder than a Furutech, because of difference designed. Anyway finally, I would do it successfully. I began by bringing it to swap my existing Kimber Cable PK14 power cord which connected to my preamplifier.

JPS Pack Lite
Listen to JPS In-Wall power cord cable(same as JPS Pack Lite power cord).
Immediately after pressing Play. I heard the sound has changed quite a lot especially the vocals of the singer, it has a delicate tone, mellow and sound like rhythm shifted out a bit. Singing voice sounds more comfortable listening with more details. In-Wall represents the singer's emotional very well. It gives a better sound stage. I feel more quiescence between voices and instruments. Timing and location of the instrument have been more clear. Singing voice is separated from the instrument and background. Comparing the bass signature, JPS In-Wall cable is bass response slower than the kimber PK14.
Short conclusion.
It is a nice one for those who like the details of the sound and like to listen vocals of singer. It might not enough to fulfill what a Rocker need.