JPS SuperconductorQ interconnects cable review.

15 Jan. 2012 by Thanaporn, 208 views.

JPS superconductorQ analog interconnects cable review.

JPS SuperConductorQ
I have been using the JPS superconductorQ for some couple of months. It is 1meter long RCA version interconnects or unbalanced interconects.
Alumiloy the name of the conductor is used to produce a SuperConductorQ analog interconnects and speaker cable. Alumiloy is a very high purity material consists of ultra-pure metals and other elements.

Looking at the outside.
It is a purplish blue outer insulator wire with the high quality RCA jacks with able to tighten up.
I used SuperconductorQ to connect the cd player and preamplifier but mostly used to connect between the DAC and preamplifier.

JPS superconductorQ connector
Listen SuperconductorQ.
What changed when swap with another brand cable. It features a smooth sound that's like a river flowing.
Roughness and hardness were removed from the overall sound. It is a delicacy.
The treble sound very eloquently, in particular female singer voices. I can more understand the emotional singers.
Details of the voices is more pronounced. Details of the instrument has come up enough to hear what I had never heard before.
It gives a very clean bass, the controlling of the bass is right. Identifying details of the various instruments and vocals as well done.
It creates a gap between pieces of music as well.The only thing that I think it's still missing is the weight of the sound. Impact of sound is a little less compared to the same price gear.

I think it is a very worthwhile analog interconnects cable pair, because it gives details of the sound is very good compared to the same price ones.
What I can not get from another brand is a major characteristic of JPS is the smoothness of the sound. SuperconductorQ can remove the harsh sound out from the system.
For those who used the metal dome tweeter speaker, I recommend to have it as part of your system.