Marantz CD5003 review

22 Dec. 2011 by Thanaporn, 90 views.

Talk about Marantz CD5003 CD Player.
Marantz CD5003 is an entry level CD player which very cost effective. I have been owned it for a long time, but just take it out from the box and seriously Hifi listening for about 7 months. The successor of CD5001, Marantz CD5003 was also made for the starting level. The chassis design is not like the earlier one such a popular Marantz CD63SE. The machine is taller, display screen looks difference. The machine comes with a beautiful and quite long remote control.

Marantz CD5003
Connections that have come to the CD5003.
- 2 unbalanced RCA.
- 1 coaxial digital out.
- 1 optical digital out.
- Remote control Input and Output jacks for Marantz Integrate Amplifier controlling.
- 2 pole female power connector.

Sound modes.
Marantz CD5003 has three sound modes.
AUDIO EX1 : It is the default mode. It provides excellent sound and the user can use in almost available functions.
Audio EX Off : You can use all functions of the machine, especially Pitch control which is not available the other modes.
Audio EX 2 : It is the best mode for listening music using the unbalanced RCA output. The display screen will pop up in a seconds when music being started only. During playing music the display goes off. Digital output will be disabled as well. The machine does not have power to both display unit and digital output unit.

Marantz CD5003

Listen Marantz CD5003.
CD5003 gives a good sound stage. The soundstage in term of width and depth are good. I feel the details of the singer voice in both mid and high frequency, the middle tone is thickly mass. My impression is that the bass range that deeply beautiful.
It is with a deep bass, I can feel the conciseness, agility, fast and has good stopping speed. I could tell that the players in the same price level cannot beat it easily, for sure.
Of course, with just an entry level It could not fight to a much higher price player. Identifying the location of the instrument sound is not very good. Singer's voice still be grouped together with the instrument sounds. Creating a gap between the instrument is also not very excellent. We are talking about 11,xxx THB price or $3xx CD Player. But if you want perfect sound quality than this. You may have to pay 4-5 time more higher price than this one.
For overall rank I am pleased to rate 4.5 / 5 for it’s value.